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About Us

 Chii Jann Enterprise Co., Ltd. was organized in 1983, mainly engaged in food machinery R&D, made a debut of "Savory Infrared Oven" in the market giving rise to the trend of roasted chicken as an amazement to instant food of the locality. Consequently, Chii Jann has presented fryer, warm keeping showcase, 

frying pan and so on to all hyper markets in succession earing great recognition.
Serving the customers these years, the company has developed the concept of cordiality and trustworthiness, incessantly progressing in business. Recently, 'Riceburg Roaster" has been made public,waiting for good business pportunities
with all markets as well as to you more benefits. 

Products include:
1. Roaster Series
2. Fryer Series
3. Warm keeping Showcase Serie
4. Frying Pan
5. Riceburg Roaster