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About Us

Chii Jann Enterprise Co., Ltd., founded in 1983, is a leading player in the field of food machinery R&D. Our pioneering "Savory Infrared Oven" revolutionized the Taiwan instant food industry, earning us the moniker "Chicken House" for our hand-ripped chicken offerings.

From the legendary roaster series, Chii Jann has developed a full selections of products which includes: fryers, warm keeping showcases,frying pans and various kinds of central kitchen equipment. Our quality is highly recommended by the broad customers for over 40 years.

As a trusted deep fryer supplier and commercial rotisserie oven manufacturer, Chii Jann continues to innovate and deliver top-notch solutions to meet the evolving needs of the food service industry.

High-efficiency infrared technology

Our high-efficiency infrared technology ensures food is cooked with even heat distribution. Cooking time is shortened and energy cost will be significantly reduced.

Guaranteed taste

As a deep fryer supplier, our products make it easy to provide perfect food taste and texture. You can easily make delicious dishes no matter you are new to the business or an experienced chef.

Innovative design

As a commercial rotisserie oven manufacturer, our ovens are known for their unique design features, such as the hexagonal rotating machanism, which makes cooking easier and adds a stylish look to your kitchen.