DC-10 All Purpose Electricity Roaster

DC-10 All Purpose Electricity Roaster

DC-10 All Purpose Electricity Roaster
Can grill 10 chickens, 36-50 drumsticks
Applicable to: Department stores or food courts
Provide seasoning recipe and skill training.
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Product details
Savory All Purpose Electricity Roaster DC-10
Length 680 mm
Width 775 mm
Height 730 mm
Volume Can grill 10 chickens or 36 drumsticks each time
Voltage One way 220V
Battery-consumption 6300 W

The DC-10 All Purpose Electricity Roaster is a versatile cooking appliance designed for grilling a variety of food items. With its ample capacity, it can easily accommodate up to 10 chickens or 36-50 drumsticks in a single batch. This makes it an ideal choice for department stores or food courts where high-volume cooking is required.

In addition to its impressive grilling capabilities, the DC-10 Roaster also offers convenience and efficiency. It measures 680 mm in length, 775 mm in width, and 730 mm in height, providing a compact yet spacious cooking area. The roaster operates on a one-way 220V voltage system, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Equipped with a powerful 6300W battery, the DC-10 Roaster delivers excellent cooking results every time. It evenly cooks the food, ensuring a delicious and savory taste. To enhance the flavor and provide a variety of options, the roaster comes with a seasoning recipe and offers skill training for users.

Whether you're running a department store or managing a bustling food court, the DC-10 All Purpose Electricity Roaster is a valuable addition to your kitchen equipment. Its versatility, efficiency, and capacity make it a reliable choice for preparing large quantities of grilled chicken and drumsticks. Embrace the convenience and flavor-enhancing features of the DC-10 Roaster to elevate your cooking operations and satisfy the taste buds of your customers.

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