RC-10 All Purpose Electricity Roaster

RC-10 All Purpose Electricity Roaster

RC-10 All Purpose Electricity Roaster
Features: Can grill the whole chicken with juicy flavor and be grilled in any size of meat.
Japan-made fire lighting, temperature-controlling, and gas-saving
Provide seasoning recipe and skill training.
Upper layer: Roaster
Lower layer: Thermal Insulation
The whole set or single piece purchase are all welcome.
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Product details
Savory Electricity RC-10
Length 680 mm
Width 775 mm
Height 730 mm
Weight 73 KG
Battery-consumption 6300 W
Voltage One way 220V
Volume 10 chickens or 100 drumsticks, German pig knuckles
Savory Thermal Insulation RC-10
Length 680 mm
Width 725 mm
Height 980 mm
Weight 54 KG
Battery-consumption 1100 W
Voltage 110V or 220V
Volume Thermal insulation for the whole chicken, thigh and kinds of grill products.


The RC-10 Roaster incorporates high-quality components sourced from Japan, including fire lighting, temperature control, and gas-saving mechanisms. These features guarantee efficient and precise cooking, allowing you to achieve optimal results every time. Not only does the roaster deliver exceptional performance, but it also helps conserve gas, making it an eco-friendly choice.

To enhance your culinary experience, the RC-10 Roaster provides a seasoning recipe and offers skill training. This enables you to experiment with different flavors and master the art of grilling, ensuring that your dishes are packed with delectable tastes.

The roaster is designed with two layers: the upper layer serves as the roasting chamber, while the lower layer acts as a thermal insulation unit. The Savory Electricity RC-10 has dimensions of 680 mm in length, 775 mm in width, 730 mm in height, and weighs 73 KG. It operates on a battery consumption of 6300 W and uses a one-way 220V voltage system. With its generous volume, it can accommodate up to 10 chickens or 100 drumsticks, including German pig knuckles.

In addition, the Savory Thermal Insulation RC-10 measures 680 mm in length, 725 mm in width, and 980 mm in height, with a weight of 54 KG. It operates on a battery consumption of 1100 W and can be powered by either 110V or 220V voltage. This variant provides thermal insulation for whole chickens, thighs, and various grill products, ensuring that your meats stay warm and succulent.

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