DC-30 Infrared Gas Roaster

DC-30 Infrared Gas Roaster

DC-30 Infrared Gas Roaster
Features:Can grill the whole chicken with juicy flavor and be grilled in any size of meat.
Japan-made fire lighting, temperature-controlling and gas-saving.
Provide seasoning recipe and skill training.
Applicable to: Wholesalers, supermarkets. It can be also grilled turkeys and geese.
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Product details
Savory Infrared Roaster DC-30
Length 1120 mm
Width 975 mm
Height 980 mm
Volume 35 chickens or 250 drumsticks
Battery-consumption 300 W
Voltage 110 V


Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, the DC-05 Infrared Gas Roaster incorporates a Japan-made fire lighting system, temperature control mechanism, and gas-saving features. These cutting-edge components ensure precise and efficient grilling, giving you complete control over the cooking process. With its gas-saving capabilities, this roaster is not only a culinary powerhouse but also an economical choice.

The DC-05 Infrared Gas Roaster goes beyond its extraordinary grilling capabilities. It provides users with seasoning recipes and skill training, empowering them to explore new flavors and master their grilling techniques. Elevate your culinary expertise and impress your guests with perfectly seasoned and grilled creations.

This exceptional appliance is not limited to a specific market. It caters to wholesalers and supermarkets, allowing them to expand their product offerings and satisfy their customers' cravings. Additionally, the DC-05 Infrared Gas Roaster is versatile enough to handle larger poultry such as turkeys and geese, giving you even more options to delight your taste buds.

In terms of specifications, the Savory Infrared Roaster DC-30 boasts a length of 1120 mm, a width of 975 mm, and a height of 980 mm. Its impressive volume can accommodate up to 35 chickens or 250 drumsticks, ensuring high productivity and efficiency. With a battery consumption of 300 W and a voltage of 110 V, this roaster delivers exceptional performance while maintaining energy efficiency.

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