Hex Rotation Roaster

Hex Rotation Roaster

Hex Rotation Roaster
1. Include 36 S type tin hook
2. Grill chicken, chicken wings, rice blood, rice sausage, tempura and sausages etc.
3. Show great presentation in the night markets.
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Product details
Savory Hex Rotation Roaster
(Single tube and double tubes for options)
Length 860 mm
Width 770 mm
Height 1090 mm
Volume 36 drumsticks, chicken wings, and meat
Battery-consumption 300W
Voltage 110V


Equipped with 36 S-type tin hooks, the Hex Rotation Roaster offers ample space to grill a wide range of delectable delights. From succulent chicken and chicken wings to flavorful rice blood, rice sausage, tempura, and sausages, this roaster caters to diverse tastes and cravings. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds and captivate your customers with an array of mouthwatering options.

One of the standout features of the Hex Rotation Roaster is its ability to create a captivating presentation. As night markets come alive with vibrant lights and bustling crowds, this roaster takes center stage, showcasing its culinary prowess. The rotating motion and enticing aroma emanating from the grill will undoubtedly attract attention and leave a lasting impression on passersby.

The Savory Hex Rotation Roaster offers two options: single tube and double tubes. With a length of 860 mm, a width of 770 mm, and a height of 1090 mm, this roaster strikes the perfect balance between functionality and space efficiency. Its impressive volume can accommodate up to 36 drumsticks, chicken wings, and various types of meat, ensuring high productivity and customer satisfaction.

Powered by a 300W battery consumption and compatible with a 110V voltage, the Hex Rotation Roaster delivers consistent and reliable performance. It guarantees that your culinary creations are grilled to perfection while maintaining energy efficiency.

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