RC-15 Infrared Gas Roaster

RC-15 Infrared Gas Roaster

RC-15 Infrared Gas Roaster
Features:Can grill the whole chicken with juicy flavor and be grilled in any size of meat.
Japan-made fire-lighting, temperature-controlling, gas-saving
Provide seasoning and offer skill training.
Upper layer: Roaster
Lower layer: Thermal Insulation
The whole set or single piece are all welcome
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Product details
Savory Infrared Roaster RC-15
Length 880 mm
Width 775 mm
Height 730 mm
Weight 91 KG
Battery-consumption 300 W
Voltage 110 V
Volume 15 Chickens, 150 drumsticks or German pig knuckles
Savory Thermal Insulation RC-15
Length 725 mm
Width 880 mm
Height 980 mm
Weight 61 KG
Battery-consumption 1100 W
Voltage 110 V
Volume Thermal insulation for the whole chicken, thigh and kinds of grill products.


The roasterer is designed with a two-layer configuration. The upper layer functions as the roaster, while the lower layer serves as thermal insulation. This intelligent design promotes optimal heat distribution and retention, ensuring that your dishes are cooked to perfection.

The Savory Infrared Roaster RC-15 is a remarkable addition to this series, boasting dimensions of 880 mm in length, 775 mm in width, and 730 mm in height. With a weight of 91 KG, this roasterer is robust and built to withstand rigorous use. Its low battery consumption of 300 W contributes to energy efficiency, while the voltage of 110 V allows for compatibility with various electrical systems.

With a generous capacity, the Savory Infrared Roaster RC-15 can accommodate up to 15 chickens, 150 drumsticks, or German pig knuckles. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial establishments such as restaurants, food courts, and catering businesses that require efficient and high-volume grilling capabilities.

Accompanying the roasterer is the Savory Thermal Insulation RC-15, designed specifically for thermal insulation purposes. It shares similar dimensions with the roasterer, with a weight of 61 KG. With a battery consumption of 1100 W and a voltage of 110 V, this thermal insulation unit provides effective insulation for the whole chicken, thigh, and various other grill products.

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