Rotary Baked Sweet Potato

Rotary Baked Sweet Potato

Rotary Baked Sweet Potato
No salt, no sugar and low temperature baking
(almonds, walnut, cashew)
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Product details
Use:   Yams, nuts, veggie baking, butter corns, king oyster mushrooms, pumpkins.
Applicable to:   Stores, tourist night markets, leisure farms and food courts.
Easy operation for novices. Low investment with high return. Easy to start up your business.


Savory Infrared Roaster- For Vegetables and Fruits
Length 680 mm
Width 775 mm
Height 730 mm
Weight 73 KG
Battery-consumption 300 W
Voltage 110 V


The Rotary Baked Sweet Potato is a versatile cooking equipment that is designed specifically for baking a variety of delicious ingredients. Whether you want to roast yams, nuts, veggies, buttered corn, king oyster mushrooms, or pumpkins, this roaster delivers exceptional results.

Ideal for a wide range of establishments, including stores, tourist night markets, leisure farms, and food courts, the Rotary Baked Sweet Potato offers a lucrative business opportunity. With its easy operation and user-friendly interface, even novices can confidently operate this roaster and achieve outstanding baking outcomes. It presents a low investment option with high potential returns, making it an attractive choice for entrepreneurs looking to start up their own business.

The Savory Infrared Roaster is the perfect companion for baking vegetables and fruits. With its infrared heating technology, it ensures efficient and even cooking, resulting in beautifully roasted produce. Measuring 680 mm in length, 775 mm in width, and 730 mm in height, this roaster provides ample space for accommodating large quantities of ingredients.

Weighing 73 KG, the Savory Infrared Roaster is a sturdy and durable appliance that can withstand regular use in demanding commercial environments. Its low battery consumption of 300 W and voltage of 110 V contribute to energy efficiency, allowing for cost-effective operation.

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