Hamburger Machine

Hamburger Machine

Hamburger Machine
This machine can keep automatic constant temperature and heat up through the heating pad under time switch without any touch. With fast speed of heating up, it can bake 24 burgers (12 pieces for upper layer and 12 pieces for lower layer). It is the best choice of the fast food industry.
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Savory Hamburger Machine
24 pieces of toast or 24 burgers for one minute.


Introducing the game-changing Hamburger Machine, a technological marvel that is set to transform the fast food industry. This innovative appliance boasts remarkable features that ensure efficient and consistent burger production, catering to the demands of busy food establishments.

Equipped with an automatic constant temperature system, the Hamburger Machine eliminates the need for manual temperature adjustments. Its advanced heating pad, combined with a time switch function, guarantees precise and even heating without the need for constant monitoring. This not only streamlines the cooking process but also ensures that every burger is cooked to perfection.

With its impressive speed of heating up, the Hamburger Machine can bake up to 24 burgers simultaneously. Its intelligently designed structure accommodates 12 burgers on the upper layer and 12 burgers on the lower layer, maximizing productivity and reducing cooking time. This feature is particularly advantageous for fast food restaurants and establishments with high customer demands.

The Savory Hamburger Machine takes efficiency to the next level, allowing for the preparation of 24 pieces of toast or 24 burgers in just one minute. This incredible speed ensures that customers are served promptly, minimizing wait times and maximizing customer satisfaction. With its unmatched performance, this machine has become the preferred choice for fast food establishments striving to deliver quick and delicious meals.

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