Pantry Insulation Cabinet (Electro Thermal)

Pantry Insulation Cabinet (Electro Thermal)

Pantry Insulation Cabinet (Electro Thermal)
1. Customize specifications for customers.
2. Can keep food freshness with moisture and insulation effects.
3. Dry thermal type is also available.
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Product details
Savory Pantry Insulation Cabinet
Length 1100 mm
Width 560 mm
Height 665 mm
Voltage 110V or 220V


Introducing the Pantry Insulation Cabinet, a versatile solution designed to optimize food preservation and storage. With its customizable specifications, this cabinet caters to the unique needs of customers, ensuring an efficient and tailored approach to organizing and maintaining the freshness of stored food items.

The standout feature of the Pantry Insulation Cabinet lies in its ability to effectively preserve food freshness. Through its innovative moisture and insulation effects, this cabinet creates an optimal environment for extending the shelf life and flavor of stored food items. By controlling humidity levels and providing insulation against external factors, it safeguards the quality and integrity of perishable goods.

In addition to its moisture and insulation capabilities, the Pantry Insulation Cabinet also offers the option for dry thermal settings. This versatility allows users to adjust the temperature within the cabinet, accommodating a wide range of food items and storage requirements. Whether it's fruits, vegetables, or other temperature-sensitive goods, this cabinet provides the flexibility needed to meet diverse preservation needs.

The Savory Pantry Insulation Cabinet is available in customizable dimensions, with a length of 1100 mm, width of 560 mm, and height of 665 mm. This compact yet spacious design ensures efficient utilization of space while providing ample room for storing a variety of food items. Additionally, the cabinet can be operated with either a 110V or 220V power supply, making it suitable for use in different settings and regions.


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