AA Type Rice Ball Grilling Machine

AA Type Rice Ball Grilling Machine

AA Type Rice Ball Grilling Machine
One machine with two functions. Use for rice burgers grill, toast burgers, desserts, rice ball cake, tuna burgers, and pork burgers.
For breakfast diners, coffee shops, leisure farms, food courts.
Provide seasoning recipe and skill training.
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Product details
Savory AA Type Rice Ball Grilling Machine
Length 380 mm
Width 330 mm
Height 185 mm
Weight 8.2 kg
Voltage Specification  110V/220V~60HZ 1600W


With its precise temperature control and reliable performance, this machine ensures consistent results every time. You can rely on its versatility to meet the demands of your diverse customer base, allowing you to expand your menu offerings and cater to various dietary preferences. From crispy and flavorful rice burgers to perfectly toasted bun sandwiches, this machine enables you to elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

As part of our commitment to your success, we not only provide the AA Type Rice Ball Grilling Machine but also offer seasoning recipes and skill training. Our team of culinary experts will guide you through the process, sharing their expertise and helping you master the art of creating tantalizing dishes using this innovative machine. We understand that a well-seasoned and skillfully prepared meal is the key to customer satisfaction, and we are here to support you on your culinary journey.

The AA Type Rice Ball Grilling Machine is designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. With its compact dimensions of 380 mm in length, 330 mm in width, and 185 mm in height, it fits seamlessly into any kitchen setup, optimizing your workspace without compromising on performance. Weighing just 8.2 kg, it is easy to handle and transport, allowing you to adapt to changing business needs or take your culinary delights on the go.

Powered by a reliable voltage specification of 110V/220V~60HZ and 1600W, the AA Type Rice Ball Grilling Machine ensures efficient and consistent grilling, enabling you to serve up delectable creations to your eager customers in no time.

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